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Bastion Nodes For Your Virtual Network

By Apurva Jantrania

So you've got a Virtual Network set up to secure your resources, fantastic! But sometimes, your users or developers will need access to those secured resources from outside the Virtual Network. Maybe they need to make a quick update to a database, or an unexpected debug session requires a peek into your tables. That's exactly what a Bastion node is there to do.

 The Bastion node allows you to easily grant specific users SSH access to a server inside the Virtual Network that will then let them access your private resources. We also make it easy for you to manage which users have access - all you need is their SSH public key and username, and we will do all the work to create an account on the Bastion server and grant them SSH access. No pesky passwords needed. Users and their keys can even be specified in Configuration Stores, making it easy to manage access from a central location.


We are releasing the new Bastion node today. If you need easy access to your Databases and Docker Services hosted inside a Virtual Network be sure you check it out!

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