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Stackery Support For NoSQL Tables

By Chase Douglas

One piece of technology that goes hand-in-hand with serverless tech is NoSQL databases. They tend to be more granularly scalable, as their scaling mechanism is some form of "just throw more shards into it." And with recent improvements, services like AWS DynamoDB even have auto-scaling support. Read on ..
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Porting to serverless

By Marketing

Unless you have the luxury of building your application from scratch, chances are you'll face a point where you'll have to decide on a strategy for migrating your application to a serverless/functions-as-a-service (FaaS) architecture. While some considerations, like support for your application's language and runtime version, are fairly straightforward, your overall strategy will probably depend on a number of factors including your application's maturity, architecture, and framework. Read on ..
Serverless, Amazon Alexa, AWS Lambda

Serverless Amazon Alexa Skills

By Marketing

After doing the standard “Hello World” serverless program, I didn’t know where to go next. What would be a simple but interesting project? It was pointed out to me that I could build an Amazon Alexa Skill using serverless. Since I had recently acquired a new Amazon Echo, this seemed like an exciting project to get started on. Read on ..
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