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Introducing the CDN node

By Apurva Jantrania

With Stackery, you could use the Object Store node to serve files to your users - it provides a simple way to host files for your users, from static websites to large video files and everything in between. Hosted on Amazon's S3, you can be assured that the files in the Object Store node will have high reliability. However, users today demand instantaneous access and are more likely than not to leave if your site takes too long to load for them.  Read on ..
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Bastion Nodes For Your Virtual Network

By Apurva Jantrania

So you've got a Virtual Network set up to secure your resources, fantastic! But sometimes, your users or developers will need access to those secured resources from outside the Virtual Network. Maybe they need to make a quick update to a database, or an unexpected debug session requires a peek into your tables. That's exactly what a Bastion node is there to do. Read on ..
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Serverless Hapi Services Using Stackery

By Chase Douglas

Why? Using serverless technologies for APIs provides multiple benefits: Read on ..
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Using Relational Databases With Serverless Functions

By Chase Douglas

I love relational databases. Gimme some of that SQL love. Why? Well, the fact is they do a ton more than most non-relational databases. I don't mean to sound silly, but the fad of using NoSQL databases for every use case is getting really old. Relational databases could use a hug, because no one seems to love them anymore, and yet they can do so much for us. Read on ..
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