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Stackery Support For NoSQL Tables

By Chase Douglas

One piece of technology that goes hand-in-hand with serverless tech is NoSQL databases. They tend to be more granularly scalable, as their scaling mechanism is some form of "just throw more shards into it." And with recent improvements, services like AWS DynamoDB even have auto-scaling support. Read on ..
Databases, best practices, Serverless, security, cloud infrastructure

Using Virtual Networks To Secure Your Resources

By Chase Douglas

In this post, I'm going to highlight one of Stackery's more interesting nodes. The Virtual Network node provides a powerful mechanism for securely deploying resources inside a private network. Read on ..
Databases, best practices

SQL Databases Rock

By Chase Douglas

Relational SQL databases have a bad rap these days. Go ask all the startups you know what database technology they are using. Really, go ask. Read on ..
Databases, Serverless, cloud infrastructure, Redis

Redis Cache Cluster Support

By Chase Douglas

We are proud to release Cache Cluster support using Redis! Redis is an advanced in-memory key-value store that can be used for caching content and data. For example, Stackery itself uses Redis to cache authentication and account data to deliver fast responses from our Rest Api service. Read on ..
Databases, Blog, Serverless

Using Relational Databases With Serverless Functions

By Chase Douglas

I love relational databases. Gimme some of that SQL love. Why? Well, the fact is they do a ton more than most non-relational databases. I don't mean to sound silly, but the fad of using NoSQL databases for every use case is getting really old. Relational databases could use a hug, because no one seems to love them anymore, and yet they can do so much for us. Read on ..
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