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Serverless Hapi Services Using Stackery

By Chase Douglas

Why? Using serverless technologies for APIs provides multiple benefits: Read on ..
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You can use Node.js for enterprise apps!! No, really!

By Chase Douglas

There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) online about whether you should use Node.js to write complex apps. People tend to use the term "enterprise" to describe such apps, though enterprises can have simple apps and startups can have complex apps. Here's one example: Node.js for Enterprise applications!! Are you kidding? I'll admit that I do enjoy using Node.js, but I'm not some naive fanboy who has never dabbled in so-called "enterprise" applications. I have written my fair share of code from assembly (and even a bit of VHDL in college), C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I don't have data to back this up, but my gut tells me that much of the FUD published online comes from people who have written Java a lot and like being able to look down on other languages as unsophisticated. That said, I have no axe to grind when it comes to Java as a language. I would rather focus on concrete advantages and disadvantages of languages rather than paint broad strokes. Read on ..
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