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The people side of serverless adoption

By Marketing

Making the technology transition to serverless architecture is a frequent topic these days. Less frequently discussed is the human component of this change, but it's an equally important topic. Aligning your organization's people to your technology transition is a critical component in a successful serverless strategy. Read on ..
Process Improvements, Team Mechanics, People Management

Bringing Shadow IT into the Fold

By Marketing

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, says that "every business will become a software business." Indeed, it's not a stretch to see how software is enabling businesses, across the full spectrum of industries, to innovate faster and create new value for their customers and shareholders. What may be less readily apparent is that even within these organizations, more and more teams are embracing software-enabled transformation of their methods and processes, well beyond the traditionally product-driven IT group. This phenomena of departments as varied as finance, marketing, R&D, and business intelligence embracing software to accelerate their organizational value is what we refer to as "Shadow IT." Read on ..
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